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NDES 2013

July 10-12, 2013
Palazzo Ateneo, Bari (Italy)

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It is our pleasure to welcome all participants to the 21th edition of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Electronic Systems, NDES 2013.

The unique feature of this conference is to bring together all theoretical aspects of nonlinear sciences of electrical engineering, physics and mathematics, as well as related applications. Nonlinear oscillations, synchronization, chaotic behavior, neural networks, quantum optics and quantum entanglement, complex systems together with power electronics, biomedical systems and neurocomputing are a few topical examples for the need of expertise in the wide field of nonlinear sciences.

In this year, the symposium will be held in the beautiful city of Bari, Puglia, Italy, from 10 to 12 July, 2013.

The conference aims at stimulating and enabling scientists from all over the world to exchange knowledge and ideas in the field of nonlinear dynamics and its applications in a friendly atmosphere. Nonlinear phenomena are observed in diverse areas such as physics, biology, economics, electronics and computer science.

The workshop will cover cutting-edge research in these highly active fields and explore new perspectives of nonlinear dynamics in interdisciplinary applications. The scope of interest includes, but it is not limited to:

·        Theory, analysis, modelling, implementations and applications of nonlinear circuits and systems in science, technology and biology

·        Nonlinear network analysis

·        Quantum entanglement, fundamental studies and applications

·        Neural networks, neurodynamics, brain connectivity, robots

·        Nonlinear signal processing: Time-series analysis, communication, coding

·        Nonlinear devices: Sensors, lasers

·        Bifurcation and chaos, control and synchronisation

·        Geodynamics

Special Sessions:
- Brain connectivity and dynamics
- Quantum entanglement: foundations and applications

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